Y99 er en dansk person fra Danmark – født i København og opvokset i Randers. Siden 2018 har han lavet musik under navnet Y99 – han har udgivet en EP & et Album og en del Singler med tiden. Hans nye album, Skitzo, udkom den 4. September 2020. Han har holdt en længere pause siden 2020, og fokuser nu mere på andre musikker, og at få dannet et større og bedre netværk, til hans kommende projekter.



LABEL Y99 Records



Det nye album "Skitzo" blev udgivet den 4. september via Y99 Music. Tre år efter udgivelsen er han tilbage med fuld kraft.

On New Year’s Day 2018, Danish rapper and producer Y99 (pronounced WhyNinety-Nine) made a promise to himself: no matter what, this would be the year that he became a musician. Sure enough, he released his debut EP “Soldater” exactly twelve months later, and he’s never looked back since. Although it was only his first release, “Soldater” served as the perfect introduction to Y99’shard-hitting, melodic style of rap. Featuring strange, slightly unorthodox lyrics, Y99’s verses on the project reflected his struggles with paranoid schizophrenia in real life, giving the EP a unique sound and style. He developed this sound further over the course of 2019, going on to release 3 more singles that year: the English tracks “Richez” and “We Goin’ Up”, as well as the Danish-language “DuMå Forstå” (“You Must Understand”). All three songs were well-received online, with “Richez” in particular becoming an underground hit. The song has since racked up over ten thousand streams across all digital platforms. His latest single, “Rush”, arrived in March 2020. Currently, Y99 is preparing for the release of a full-length Danish album, which is set to drop sometime this year.

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